Grappling with the past
to understand the future

History is not just a sequence of events. History is our compass, guiding us as we navigate our complex world. It reminds us of our origins, enlightens our present, and projects the possibilities of our future.

Immerse yourself
in history

Join us as we bring together the most passionate minds in historical investigation and debate, re-examining the past through fresh perspectives, by re-living history through its sights, sounds, challenges and experiences.

“I’ve been coming to the history festival for years; it’s the week in the calendar I enjoy more than almost any other – it’s a joy to come to listen to some of the world’s greatest historians.”

Professor Peter Frankopan

“I’ve been to festivals from Cornwall to Orkney and none of them match the buzz, fun and enthusiasm generated by this festival. Our history is celebrated,it educates shocks, amuses and inspires.”

Dan Snow


Be inspired by the bravery, ingenuity and extremes of existence retold and explored through a week long itinerary of talks, events and curated experiences from the greatest writers, academics & performers.


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Chalke For Schools

Ignite a passion for the past: Experience history in all its vibrancy at Chalke Valley's Schools Festival, where historical wonders come to life!

Offer your students an unforgettable journey into history with a myriad of engaging activities at our unique event. Spaces are limited, so book early to ensure an exciting historical adventure for your pupils!


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