24th–30th June 2024 - Broadchalke, Salisbury


From leading historians, broadcasters and public figures

Talks Programme

Over the festival we will host some of the finest and most distinguished historians, academics, authors and writers, in fabulous venues across the site.

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The Rest is History

Historians Dominic Sandbrook and Tom Holland, from the incredibly popular Rest is History podcast, will be appearing at the Chalke History Festival on the evening of Tuesday 25th June.

James May

Broadcaster and car enthusiast, James May, will be speaking at the festival on his favourite subject – cars of course!

Max Hastings

Sir Max Hastings is a journalist and historian, who has authored over thirty books, mostly about war. At the festival he will be talking about his new book on Operation Biting – which follows the dramatic events of 1942, when the British Intelligence services staged a raid to steal a German radar system.

Bettany Hughes

Bettany Hughes is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster. She has taught at some of the world’s finest institutions and made documentaries for national and international broadcasters. At the festival Bettany Hughes will be talking about her lastest book the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

We Have Ways of Making You Talk

Comedian Al Murray and historian James Holland will be at Chalke History Festival to present a live episode of their popular podcast series – We Have Ways of Making You Talk. They discuss all things Second World War, exploring the war in a forensic and entertaining manner.

Frank Gardner

One of the bestselling names in the British spy thriller firmament, BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner’s will be talking about his latest book in the Luke Carlton series – an MI6 operative. Frank also talks extensively about his life as a tv correspondent, reporting on security incidents from all over the world.

Alice Loxton

Historian, author, broadcaster and social media sensation with over 2 million followers.

William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple is a Scottish historian and writer, art historian and curator, as well as a prominent broadcaster and critic. His books have won numerous awards and prizes. He presents on the Empire podcast alongside Anita Anand.

Victoria Vydovychenko

Historian, academic and defence expert and Progam Director for Security Studies at the Center of Defense Strategies in Kyiv.

Jonathan Dimbleby

Award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster, Jonathan Dimbleby will be talking about his new book – Endgame 1944: How the Soviet Army Won World War Two.

Zeinab Badawi

Acclaimed journalist, broadcaster and President of SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), Zeinab Badawi will be talking about her new book – An African History of Africa: From the Dawn of Humanity to Independence.

Michael Palin

Comedy legend and adventurer, Michael Palin will be talking about his book, which recreates the extraordinary life and tragic death of a First World War soldier—his great-uncle Harry.

Sebastian Faulks

Internationally best-selling and award-winning novelist, best known for his First World War epic – Birdsong.

Alphen Group

A network of leading strategic thinkers from Europe and the United States, including scientists, diplomats, generals, intelligence chiefs, academics and historians, working to consider the future of the trans-Atlantic relationship and European security and defence

Kavita Puri

Kavita Puri is an award-winning executive producer and broadcaster for the BBC. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed book - Partition Voices: Untold British Stories.